Cash Flow... Salaries... Infrastructure... Problems... Problems... Problems...


Many upstart businesses don’t make it through their first year of business due to many reasons, cash flow issues, bad book debt to name a few..

In today’s crazy competitive business world, we need all the advantages of competition we can afford, herein lies the problem; as a new business, one can simply not afford the luxury of these advantages. We believe that a new business needs:

The right tools for the job (Infrastructure, Computer Equipment, and the right software to ease tedious tasks, therefore allowing you to focus on your core business). Good Service is king! And a good system to provide the workflow is essential.

Cash flow, cash flow, cash flow with as little book debt as possible.

Isn’t it Expensive?

Now most consulting firms would charge you hundreds of thousands of Rands if not millions to get the above. This is where we come in.

IT Jockies focuses on the client’s needs, with the aim of as little Capital outlay as possible, as we believe that through our commitment to your needs, we all benefit in the long term.

We specialize in helping companies through these initial hard times by providing all of the above with VERY little outlay. We do so by supplying, integrating, training staff and supporting our clients 24×7 into the future.

How? Simple!

Open Source Software…

Let’s take a realistic look at the costs of starting a business:

You would need an infrastructure and computers and maybe a server. This you cannot avoid, but as preferred suppliers of every brand of computer, server and Electronic Device, we supply this equipment substantially cheaper than most other suppliers. We always offer 4 pricing options from entry level to high end. We tailor our solutions to our clients’ needs not our own.

You will need Operating Systems, and productivity software for word processing, spreadsheets etc. If you have 20 PC’s, you are looking at (should you go the commercial route) at least ZAR4500 per machine. ZAR80k later, and you have only the necessities and a much lighter pocket. Already, you are at a disadvantage.

And finally, the competitive advantage. Every fortune 500 company in the world invests a great deal of money into systems that improve customer service, automate tedious processes and increase sales. This is done through ERP/CRM solutions. Now once again, the cream of the crop of these solutions cost millions to implement, which, is worth every cent as this is the foundation for effective business flows. But realistically is out of the grasp of new businesses or small to medium sized businesses, which puts them at an immediate disadvantage.

The Solution

For your Hardware and Software Upstart Needs:

IT Jockies can really help in this area. Understanding humans are creatures of habit, we do not overly focus on the trying to move you the client away from what you are familiar with, but we do have options for the productivity suites that would rival and in most cases outshine the ‘Office’ suites you would normally use. These offering are 100% free, more stable, less resource hungry and much more feature rich than the commercial options. What’s more is the interface is so similar, one would not require any additional training.

So, now, taking into account commercial office suites usually cost in the region of ZAR2500 per PC, you have saved ZAR50k, with only an outlay for the operating system. That’s ZAR50k you can now use to grow your business without any disadvantage.

To Keep up with the Corporates and “Heavy Hitters”

Once again, after a lot of investment and time spent, IT Jockies can provide such a solution with:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Sales Process Management (Leads, Opportunities, Sales Orders, Meeting Reminders, Call Reminders, Call Schedules, Call Logging, Shared Calendars, After-Sales Support – all which can be monitored and analyzed my Management ensuring no opportunity slips away.
  • Project Management
  • Marketing
  • Warehouse Management
  • Point of Sale
  • Human Resources

.. To name a few.

All of which can be accessed via a client app (Windows, Mac, Linux, Apple iPhone/Pad, Android Phones or a simple web browser.

We offer the option to host this solution on our lightning fast servers, so that it could be accessed anywhere in the world, should you travel often.

All this for… ZIP. We utilize the world’s most highly respected open source ERP software that will stand up to the best commercial software, giving you the advantage most young or small companies would never dream of.

Take that leap! Get ahead of the rest! Ask us to show you how…

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