In need of some Support?

With the increasing use of technology in modern times, there is a growing requirement to provide technical support. Many companies cannot afford an IT Department, and all that goes with it.

IT Jockies offers many support options

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Ad-Hoc Support

R500per hour
  • In need of some priority help? But Prefer paying as neeeded?
    • Pefect for new clients
    • Diverse support from Hardare to Software
    • Rate is per hour
    Ideal for newSME Businesses

Remote Desktop Support

R300per hour
  • In need of some priority help? But... NOW!
    • 24x7 Remote Desktop Support
    • Diverse Software Support
    • Rate is per hour
    Ideal for Anyone, but an Internet Connection is Required

Service Level Agreements

Price on Request
  • In need of priority support? All the time? One Monthly Fee?
    • Multilevel SLA for all your needs
    • Support for Software, Hardware, Infrastructure etc
    • Rate based on initial Infrastructure Audit and Per Month
    Ideal for Larger Enterprises, who cannot afford any downtime